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Autism Awareness

course duration:

3 hours

Course outline:

This course aims to help attendees gain an awareness of autism, including the history of autism and various autistic spectrum disorders. The course emphasis is on sensory perception so delegates can try to understand what it feels like to have autism.

Delegates will also learn the skills needed to deliver person-centred care and support, how to adapt communication and the environment and how to better understand the behaviours of those with autism.

This course is aimed at any health and social care worker who supports individuals with autism and who wants a basic awareness of the autistic spectrum.


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Course Details

Autism Awareness

What this course covers:

  • The history and background of autistic spectrum conditions
  • Current thinking and theory related to autistic spectrum conditions
  • The different conditions and common features within the autistic spectrum
  • Sensory perception
  • Practical approaches to helping those with autism, including person-centred support, communication techniques and sensory rooms/systems

    Benefits of Attending

    Delegates will be able to:
  • Know the history and background of autism
  • Know different conditions and common features within the autistic spectrum
  • Understand the triad of impairment
  • Be able to understand what it is like to have autism through sensory perception
  • Know the supportive interventions and practical approaches to help those with autism
  • Gain the skills needed to deliver person-centred care


    Upon completion of the full day course, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance
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