Advanced Diabetes Awareness

Blood Glucose and Insulin Injections

course duration:

Half day

Course outline:

Diabetes is a life-altering condition that is affecting more and more people. It can cause many debilitating conditions and so it is vital that people have the knowledge to understand what causes diabetes and ways in which to manage it appropriately.

This is an advanced half day course for people already experienced in the basics of Diabetes Awareness training. This course covers practical elements of diabetes complications and Blood Glucose monitoring.

Whether attendees are currently supporting someone who already has diabetes or not, the half day programmes will equip you to deal with common issues that affect people with diabetes and also give you the knowledge and skills to be proactive in reducing the risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

The course provides detailed information about testing individuals’ blood glucose levels (plus the theory behind BG levels) and administering insulin via an Epipen, with focus on how health care workers can support individuals with these activities safely.

What this course covers:



Course Details

Advanced Diabetes Awareness

What this course covers:

  • The complications of diabetes and how diabetes can be managed
  • How to monitor blood glucose levels
  • How to test blood sugar levels
  • The types of insulin used and how to identify viable injection sites
  • How to use an Epipen to administer insulin

Benefits of Attending

  • Increases your depth of understanding of diabetes
  • Helps you to manage risk factors in developing diabetes and enables you to be more proactive in reducing complications
  • Gives practical guidance on monitoring blood glucose levels and their significance
  • Know how to support individuals with administering insulin in a safe and dignified way
  • High-quality learner support materials that will be yours to keep and use as a reference/evidence of learning.
  • Furthers your personal and professional development


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

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