Challenging Behaviour (theory only)

Course duration:

Half day (3 hours)

If you want a more detailed in depth course, please look at De-escalation Techniques & Managing Aggression.

Course Outline:

The aim of this 3 hour session is to raise awareness of behavioural communication to enable support staff to offer effective support for individuals. It covers examples and causes of challenging behaviour and suggests techniques and effective communication strategies to calm and de-escalate difficult situations. The role of the support worker is also covered so that attendees know how to respond and manage an individual’s behaviour and report and record accordingly.

It can be specialised for learning disability, autism & asperger’s settings or dementia settings.

What will it cover?

  • A brief summary of Autistic Spectrum Conditions / or Dementia

  • Examples, causes and triggers of challenging behaviour

  • Positive behavioural support and effective communication techniques

  • Managing challenging behaviour and the role of the support worker in order to provide active support

  • The behaviour response cycle

Benefits of Attending:

  • You will know what is meant by the terms ‘challenging behaviour,’ ‘behavioural communication’ and ‘positive behavioural support.’

  • You will be able to identify the categories of behaviour and the associated causes and triggers

  • You will gain an understanding of the behaviour from the individuals point of view and explore how the individuals quality of life may affect their behaviour

  • You will gain knowledge about proactive responses to challenging behaviour, good and effective communication techniques and methods of record keeping

  • You will know the differences between behaviour support and behaviour control

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at any health and social care worker who supports individuals with specific behavioural needs that are often challenging. This can be in a learning disability setting or dementia setting.

It is also suitable for any individual who supports or cares for individuals with challenging behaviour or if you are looking for help with the challenging behaviour of a family member/friend.

If you want a more detailed in depth course, please look at De-escalation Techniques & Managing Aggression.

I am knowledgeable on how to handle different behaviours now and how to be more understanding and accommodating
— S.H @ Darnall Grange
This has given me more insight into what challenging behaviour is.
— M.H @ Darnall Grange
I feel able to respond to certain situations more confidently with greater understanding
— V.S @ Citizenship First

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