“Dignity should be at the heart of all care and support services. Workers must promote a culture that ensures they uphold the dignity of all those they provide care and support for.” 

Dignity and Respect

course duration:

Half day (3 hours)

Course outline:

This course aims to equip attendees with an awareness of what dignity is and how to apply person-centred values that respect the individuals that they support.

The course covers a range of practices that stress the importance of putting the individual at the centre of the care that they receive and the legislation and Acts related to human rights and equality. An understanding of best practice and the barriers to good practice are also covered to help attendees learn how they can improve dignity and respect issues in their everyday duties.


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Course Details

Dignity and Respect

What this course covers:

  • What dignity means and how to work with individuals and others
  • How to ensure dignity is at the centre of all work with the individuals you support, their families, carers and advocates
  • Person-centred values
  • How to enable individuals to make informed decisions about their care
  • Legislation and human rights (e.g. Health and Social Care Act 2008, Human Rights Act 1988)
  • Best practice and barriers to good practice (communication, privacy, social inclusion, quality of care etc)
  • Attitudes, behaviour and dignity challenges

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain awareness of the definitions of dignity and respect and how to apply person-centred values
  • Increases knowledge of best practice and how to provide good care when assisting with a variety of requirements
  • Helps attendees understand the legislation related to the treatment of individuals and the Acts that protect individuals
  • Know own duties and responsibilities when implementing best practice and how to overcome barriers to good practice


Upon completion of the full day course, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance

Minimum recommended refresher frequency

At least every 3 years*

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