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End-point assessment

for Apprenticeships


The apprenticeship system has been overhauled in England.

The system of ‘frameworks’ which has parts in common with all sectors of the economy has been transformed and replaced by a system of ‘standards.’ The new standards are two-page documents that set out the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to be competent in that role.

The apprentice has to be assessed at the end, and the result graded. This end-point assessment must be carried out by a registered organisation that is independent of the organisation/employer which trained the apprentice. Being a ‘registered organisation’ means being accepted onto the new government Register of Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations. 

What is End-point assessment?

End-point assessment (EPA) is one of the biggest changes in the Government’s Apprenticeship Reform.

It is the new way of assuring quality in the apprenticeship system that replaces the existing model of continuous assessment resulting in qualifications.

Once an apprentice is ‘signed off’ by their employer as ready for end-point assessment, the apprentice will be assessed on their knowledge and practical capabilities by an independent assessment organisation. The assessment will be graded and must show that the apprentice as fully competent in their occupation. The assessment organisation and the assessor must be registered and independent of the training provided by the provider and employer.

When will our end-point assessment services be available?

We are currently awaiting approval from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to deliver the health and social care standards. Once the outcome is published and our end-point assessment service becomes available, the Apprenticeship Standards that we will deliver end-point assessments for are:
  • Adult Care Worker (equates to Level 2)
  • Lead Adult Care Worker (equates to Level 3)

    We will update this page as soon as we know the outcome.

    How will end-point assessments be delivered?

    End-point assessment delivery will vary depending on the sector and the apprenticeship.

    For health and social care, the options include:

  • Appointing freelance assessors
  • Using indepenedent assessors from employers, providers and colleges that have not been involved in the training of the apprentice
  • Subcontracting with providers and colleges (where a contract of work is already in place) to use their assessors
  • Resources


    Adult Care Worker:


    Lead Adult Care Worker:



    Skills for Care have produced the following table that shows what training and testing is needed for the new apprenticeships in health and social care.

    apprenticeship training and testing needed skills for care health and social care