Fire Safety

course duration:

Half day (3 hours)

Course outline:

This course aims to equip attendees with an awareness of fire safety procedures in the workplace. The course covers a range of risks and solutions and the different types of fire extinguishers, as well as the role and responsibilities of various staff members and what to do in an emergency situation.


Course Details

Fire Safety

What this course covers:

  • How to promote fire safety and how to support others to do so
  • How to carry out fire safety procedures and manage others to do so, incorporating;
  • - The fire triangle and sources of ignition and fuel
    - The types of fire extinguishers and appropriate use of fire-fighting equipment
    - How to prevent fires from starting or spreading
    - Emergency procedures, items listed in an emergency plan and exit devices
    - The roles and responsibilities of different staff members in the workplace

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain knowledge of the sources of fire and how to prevent fires from starting or spreading
  • Increases awareness of the types of fire extinguishers
  • Helps attendees understand what to do in emergency and evacuation situations
  • Know who is responsible for ensuring that correct fire procedures are carried out


Upon completion of the full day course, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance

Minimum recommended refresher frequency


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