Record Keeping and Report Writing

course duration:

Full day

Course outline:

This full day course aims to provide delegates with a greater understanding of the importance of good quality record keeping and with the skills to write clear and concise records and reports.

The course is delivered in a participative way, using delegates’ existing knowledge as a platform. Training methods include small group work, quizzes, multi-media clips and scenarios.

Expected outcomes to put into practice:
• Improve the quality of record keeping/report writing
• Reduce the number of errors due to poor record keeping
• Build more accurate, objective and meaningful evidence to support inspections and investigations


We deliver this course on behalf of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

We deliver this course on behalf of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council


Course Details

Record Keeping and Report Writing

What this course covers:

  • Good communication methods and active listening
  • Legislation, protocols and guidelines on record keeping
  • Standards of record keeping
  • Principles and good practice when record keeping
  • Health records
  • Data protection, confidentiality and information security
  • Access to records and delegating record keeping
  • The role of records in complaints and civil court cases
  • The importance of following correct documentation procedures for CQC inspections
  • The importance of ensuring there is a clear audit trail

    Benefits of Attending

    Delegates will:
  • Recognise the importance and purpose of keeping records in written form
  • Demonstrate how to record information in a timely, respectful and accurate manner using suitable language and information management systems
  • Identify standards for record keeping and keeping records in accordance with applicable legislation, protocols and guidelines
  • Identify the main points of the Data Protection Act
  • Recognise how to differentiate between fact, assessment and opinion and how to record conflicting views and perspectives
  • Describe behaviour accurately avoiding the use of misleading jargon
  • Maintain appropriate records
  • Describe the importance of confidentiality
  • Certification

    Upon completion of the full day course, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance

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