All the quotations below are from actual feedback sheets of which we retain evidence

person centred planning dronfield sheffield
Amazing training, really enjoyed myself. Very useful information I can put into my work as a carer
— S.C @ DMBC, attended Dementia Basic Awareness training 17/05/18
I found the course interesting & a great value to my job role
— SW, attended Practical Moving & Handling Training 16/05/18
Clare was really nice and explained everything really well and in detail and I learnt a lot from her by coming on this course :)
— K.T @ Mulberry Manor Rotherham. Attended Infection Control training 14/05/18
Very relaxed, able to ask questions
— KC, attended End of Life Champions Training 11/05/18
safeguarding rotherham
Did not know what to expect but I enjoyed it and learned a few things
— P.E - Attended Food Safety 08/05/18
The training was very informative and learned new techniques. The tutor was excellent and listened to your questions
— JD @ Belvoir House Grantham. Attended Practical Moving & Handling People training 02/05/18
Felt able to participate in the course and able to share experiences/knowledge without judgement
— KR @ Crossroads Care Rotherham, attended Safeguarding Adults (RMBC) 01/05/18
First training that I haven’t lost interest in. Very informative and enjoyable
— AM @ Lord Hardy Court Rotherham. Attended Safeguarding Adults (RMBC) 01/05/18
safeguarding adults 24.5.18
Excellent course. It made me think about things and reflect on my knowledge. Very engaging and involving
— LK @ Steps DMBC. Safeguarding Adults Raising a Concern (DMBC) 30/04/18
Well informed training, will take info learned away and implement in staff supervisions for training/awareness sessions
— TW @ Community Places, Safeguarding Adults Raising a Concern (DMBC) 30/04/18
Annie was brilliant, passionate and very good at delivering the course. An inspiration to people, the care system needs more people like her
— MB, Activities Coordinator @ Rotherham NHS Trust, attended Dementia Awareness training 24/04/18
fire safety training sheffield
I was happy when I was given the option to do the practicals on a 1:1 basis as I am a nervous person
— Anon @ The Glades Dinnington, attended Emergency First Aid training 17/04/18
I am now able to understand about MUST and when and how to help people with weight loss
— MH @ Athorpe Lodge Dinnington. Attended MUST Awareness Training 11/04/18
Encouraged discussion and ideas exhibited by individuals in a non-judgemental way to promote learning
— JA, Clinical Lead @ Greasbrough Nursing Home. Attended Safeguarding Adults (RMBC) 10/04/18
Really easy to listen to and could approach if needed
— MC @ Darnall Grange Sheffield, attended Fire Safety 04/04/18
Moving & Handling Training Sheffield
The training was relevant to my work and the course was delivered clearly and I understand more about infection and how to control it
— K.G @ Holly House. Infection Prevention and Control 20/03/2018
For what is sometimes a hard subject to discuss, it felt a very open space to express opinions or emotions
— AB, Safeguarding Adults Raising a Concern (DMBC) 19/03/18
The trainer was very easy to understand and explained things if it was not understood, an enjoyable course and the course was not rushed
— DH @ Treeton Grange Rotherham. Safeguarding Adults (RMBC) 16/03/18
Dementia champion training
I found the course useful as it underlines all the different aspects of abuse and how to report it if you find anything
— – ED @ Positive Steps DMBC, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness 15/03/18
The tutor made the training very interesting by interacting with every person in the group. This has been the best and informative training that I have attended in a long time
— AB, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness (DMBC) 14/03/18
Very informative, gave me more confidence about CPR
— SH @ Lynx Care, Emergency First Aid 12/03/18
Safeguarding adults Rotherham
Good presentation. I was given the opportunity to express myself and ask further questions
— S.O @ Blenheim Court. Moving & Handling People 09/03/2018
The training session was so relaxed. The use of scenario made me understand the situations more and gave me an insight of the different situations in work places
— L.M @ Crossroads Care Rotherham. Safeguarding Adults 07/03/18
More educational in person with a tutor than doing it on a computer
— K.S @ Mulberry Manor Rotherham. Safeguarding Adults 07/03/18
Moving & Handling training doncaster
The trainer was very approachable and he tackled a sensitive subject and made it enjoyable to learn about. During the more sensitive parts, he delivered with compassion and had the ability to then lighten the mood without taking the severity out of the situation
— L.K @ RDASH. Safeguarding Adults 22/02/18
John is clearly compassionate about what he does and this shines through in his training
— J.H, Trainee Manager @ Ambience Healthcare. Safeguarding Adults 21/02/18
Very friendly and now feel confident for moving and handling
— B.L @ Custom Home Care Sheffield. Moving & Handling People 19/02/18
Emergency first aid training
Very informative, fun session. The trainer made everyone welcome and his training style was really refreshing / perfect for our service area
Highly recommended!
— G.S @ Communities Team DMBC. Professional Boundaries & Good Practice 12/02/18
Excellent, enjoyable, thought provoking course. Great method of presentation, don’t usually enjoy courses asking for interaction but felt at ease and confident enough to join in.
An excellent trainer who puts fun into the day and makes it easy to understand
Thank you
— D.G @ Health and Wellbeing Community DMBC. Professional Boundaries & Good Practice 12/02/18
I have a good understanding of infection control and the tutor was friendly and created a relaxed atmosphere
— J.D @ Seven Hills Sheffield. Infection Control 06/02/18
safeguarding rmbc
John was very good at getting information across not in a boring or patronising way. Felt comfortable to ask questions and felt relaxed
— E.T @ Cairn Home Sheffield. Care Certificate 3 day programme 31/01/18, 01/02/18 & 02/02/18
The interaction from the trainer was very good, helped to keep us all interested. The delivery was good fun.
— S.E @ Cairn Home Sheffield. Care Certificate 3 day programme 31/01/18, 01/02/18 & 02/02/18
Found this course very interesting and has given me confidence in an emergency situation
— V.J @ The White House Sheffield. Emergency First Aid at Work 29/01/18
Team Leaders training Sheffield
This training has been absolutely amazing!! Annie is a brilliant presenter and has taught me so much. I will use this information in my personal life and future career.
Annie is clearly caring, compassionate and passionate about individuals with dementia and this really comes across in the training which is brilliant.
I am now going to be a dementia friend.
— B.H @ Doncaster MIND. Dementia Awareness 26/01/18
I normally switch off during courses, but you involved everyone and referred back to scenarios to make it more interesting
— H.W @ Rotherham Hospice. Safeguarding Adults 25/01/2018
The trainer was very professional and approachable throughout the course. I really learnt a lot during my 3 days :)
— R.B @ Horizon Care Homes. Care Certificate 3 day programme 22/01/18, 23/01/18 & 24/01/18
dementia awareness doncaster
Felt nervous but soon relaxed
— MT @ Aaron House Sheffield, Moving & Handling 19/01/18
Good presenter, real life stories made it more realistic and enjoyable
— BC, End of Life Care Tier 1 (DMBC) 16/01/18
I have learned more about medications and their uses/side effects, this will help me when the people I support take such medications and I will be more aware of what actions/observations (if any) to take.
— J.P @ Hamilton Court DMBC. Medications Management 16/01/18
Dementia awareness DMBC
Very up-to-date and relevantly knowledgeable. Useful tips for different situations and techniques I have not previously encountered
— M.A @ Meadow Grange Care Home. Moving & Handling People Training 12/01/18
Thorough and very informative, eye opening course approached thoughtfully and carefully by John
— K. Lancashire @ Meadow Grange Care Home. Safeguarding Adults refresher 12/01/18
Very enjoyable course and enthusiastic presenter who makes you think about potential difficult but likely scenarios
— Dr Kaler @ RDASH. Safeguarding Adults Level 3 on 11/01/18
Really enjoyed the course and have learnt more about Safeguarding. I will discuss and share information with colleagues
— L.B @ DMBC. Safeguarding Adults Level 2 on 10/01/18
Safeguarding Adults RMBC
John has been a fantastic trainer, very enagaging and got all the group talking. The examples/case studies were all relevant to the course. I particularly found the information on the legislation helpful.
— S.L @ DMBC. Safeguarding Adults Level 2 on 10/01/18
Learnt how to to keep myself and others safe
— Anon @ Medieval Mayhem Sheffield. Fire Safety 03/01/18
I feel I learnt a lot today and the trainer explained everything clearly and answered all our questions
— Melanie @ Medieval Mayhem Sheffield. Fire Safety 03/01/18
safeguarding adults RMBC
Excellent refresher with learning of new techniques - very enjoyable. Will put into practice i.e. improving first aid boxes
— A.B @ North Hill Care Home. Emergency First Aid 15/12/17
Helped remind me of all our responsibilities
— Marian Booth, Manager @ Ackroyd Clinic Rotherham. Health & Safety 12/12/17
Fantastic course which will make me look at my role differently and put safeguarding at the forefront of everything I do. Trainer had a vast amount of knowledge that was delivered in a great style.
— B.H, Dementia Advisor @ Alzheimer's Society Rotherham. Safeguarding Adults 12/12/17
This course is really insightful and full of knowledge that I can put into my daily working day
— S.C @ RDASH. Safeguarding Adults 12/12/17
The course was informative and interesting. John kept the group involved and encouraged participation. Adding personal experiences added to the content and helped engaging people further
— L.P, Student Social Worker @ RMBC. Safeguarding Adults 12/12/2017
person centred planning approaches & support rotherham
Excellent knowledge, made a difficult subject easy to follow with a hint of humour
— S.G - Shared Lives Carer. Safeguarding Adults 6/12/17
I enjoyed the training with John he made it very interesting, not too serious, and he answered all my questions I had.
— S.P @ Exemplar Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 6/12/17
The training was delivered at an excellent pace and enjoyable also. A lot better than online training, was nice to ask questions.
— D.S @ Liberty House RMBC CYPS, Medications Management 27/11/17
end of life care training doncaster
John was a very competent trainer who took time to talk to participants to see how this course suited their needs. Good examples given and clearly a very knowledgeable trainer
— P.L @ Hesley Group DMBC, Safeguarding Adults 30/11/17
Lovely friendly tutor, happy to do the course again :)
— J.D @ Seven Hills Nursing Home Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 28/11/17
John delivered training for all staff who had different levels of knowledge on a level that everyone understood which was great
— C.T @ Seven Hills Nursing Home Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 28/11/17
safeguarding adults training doncaster south yorkshire
Very thought provoking. Done Safeguarding for many years, this session will stick with me for a very long time.
— C.C @ Exemplar Healthcare Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 24/11/17
Really enjoyed it, I came here not knowing much and leaving knowing a lot more
— J.C @ Emyvale House, Safeguarding Adults 24/11/17
Trainer was great and very emotionally involved which kept my attention as I don’t normally enjoy classes
— D.H @ Cambron Care Home, Dementia Awareness Silver Level 23/11/17
dementia awareness training rotherham
Absolutely fantastic - compassionate - caring. Totally inspiring
— P.H, Carer @ Healthwatch Rotherham, Dementia Awareness Silver Level 23/11/17
Very satisfied with the course and the content. Face to face training is very effective
— D. Higgins, Manager @ Liberty House RMBC, Medications Management 20/11/17
Trainer delivered the course very well involving audience and participation was encouraged. Course objective achieved
— S.K @ Liberty House RMBC, Medications Management 20/11/17
safeguarding adults training rotherham
Very good delivery, very enthusiastic presenter, the interactive nature of the training was very good. Very informative and thought provoking
— Emily @ DMBC, Safeguarding Adults 15/11/17
Made to feel very welcome and comfortable by John. Gained useful information - able to ask questions and receive positive answers
— E.P @ Age UK Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 13/11/17
This has been really interesting and useful for my job role. There was a lot of various discussions which have been useful. I have really enjoyed this training course.
— L.B @ Liberty House Rotherham, Medications Management 13/11/17
Clare was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable when joining in. Very informative, learnt a lot. Great training! :)
— P.D @ Aaron House Sheffield, Medications Management 10/11/17
medications training doncaster
Enjoyable session, learnt a lot to pass onto staff and support clients and their families
— D.S-B @ Steps Doncaster, Caring for Stroke Survivors 8/11/17
One of the best dementia courses that I have been on, thank you so much
— S.N @ North Hill Care Home, Dementia Awareness 9/11/17
One of the better sessions I’ve attended in 16 years
— L.W @ North Hill Care Home, Equality & Diversity 9/11/17
record keeping for care training doncaster
One of the best trainings I’ve attended regarding medication, very useful and informative
— B.K @ Whiston Hall Care Home, Medications Management 30/10/17
Good explanation and demonstrations. Chance to join in and take part. Good training session
— A.D @ Brookview Care Home Dronfield, Emergency First Aid 20/10/17
Clare made a lot of useful points and made it easy to understand. She is also very easy to get along with
— L.H @ Brookview Care Home Dronfield, Food Hygiene 19/10/17
Clare understood & explained the needs of each individual, pleased with knowledge learned today
— A.D @ Brookview Care Home Dronfield, Infection Control 19/10/17
Explained well, really helped to understand what things mean. Good session
— A.D @ Brookview Care Home Dronfield, Health & Safety 17/10/17
Very interesting and informative. Easy to understand and feedback/questions were encouraged throughout
— J.C @ RMBC Oaks Day Centre, Infection Control 27/10/17
moving and handling people training sheffield dronfield south yorkshire. moving and positioning people care homes.
Excellent course. Real life stories make it much more effective. John was an excellent tutor and engaged the group well
— E.S-C @ Rotherham United Community Sports Trust, Safeguarding Adults 19/10/17
Was dreading the training, but really enjoyed it
— J.B @ Lonnen Grove Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 19/10/17
Helpful tutor, willing to help and offer support when necessary. Also willing to listen to added ideas from pupils. V. good :)
— E.H @ Meadow Grange Care Home, Moving & Handling People 15/10/17
Took through things in detail so easily understood, learnt different methods & happy with standard of training
— A.D @ Brookview Care Home, Moving & Handling People 15/10/17
safeguarding adults training doncaster
I have thourally [sic] enjoyed this afternoon. There was a good mixture of proffessionals [sic] and we had the opportunity to have in depth discussions around very important topics. Thank you!
— F.W @ DMBC, Safeguarding Adults L3 11/10/17
I found the course to be very interesting and informative. I felt that the way John delivered the course gave the delegates confidence to interact within the course. I learnt a great deal from the course that I thought I knew. Really enjoyed the course
— D.C @ DMBC, Safeguarding Adults L2
safeguarding adults training doncaster
I am usually socially anxious regarding practical but felt at ease during the sessions
— S.H @ Athorpe Lodge, Emergency First Aid 06/10/17
Talked us through anything that we struggled with and explained clearly
— K.L @ Athorpe Lodge, Emergency First Aid 06/10/17
Trainer very knowledgeable, made the course interesting and easy to listen and learn
— S.A @ Active Care Homes, L2 Safeguarding Adults 04/10/17
Pleased to have done this course. It will enable me to do my job better
— M.D @ Active Care Homes, L2 Safeguarding Adults 04/10/17
medications training doncaster
Thank you, this training was very informative. Enjoyed.
Got a lot of handouts which could improve care plans back at my workplace
— E.H @ The Old Rectory, Death, Dying & Bereavement 04/10/17
Annie is fantastic, a truly passionate person who cares so much about what she does. She made me cry because of her passion. Brilliant! :)
— L.M @ Lockermarsh, Dementia Awareness 29/09/17
This was a very very thought provoking course. I learnt a lot from the course from both a personal and professional perspective. Annie knew her stuff and had a wonderful way of getting the information across.
— D.C @ DMBC, Dementia Awareness 29/09/17
Really enjoyed the training as a refresher. Trainer excellent in presentation, questions, really makes you think and digest information presented.
— D.S-B @ Steps Doncaster, L2 Safeguarding Adults 28/09/17
safeguarding adults training doncaster
It was very insightful to hear own working experiences in relation to this topic.
— Rebecca @ Citizenship First, MCA & DOLS 28/09/17
Thoroughly informative and engaging training session. John was able to engage us participants well and this enriched the session.
Good use of interaction as John was engaging us well throughout.
Good use of case studies
Good handout - liked that this was not given at the start of the session as kept motivation and concentration of delivery of material
Able to answer questions fully and would recommend to other staff at Aspire
— K.H @ Aspire Drug & Alcohol Service, L3 Safeguarding Adults 27/09/17
I really enjoyed the training and have learnt a lot from it. John explained things really clearly so everyone understood
— V.D @ DMBC, L3 Safeguarding Adults 27/09/17
Very engaging and well delivered. Provided good environment for discussion and made us think/challenge our opinions
— S.B @ RDASH, L3 Safeguarding Adults 27/09/17
Very interesting course, Clare was very knowledgeable. This course has helped me with planning in the future
— L.A @ Hamilton Court, Person-Centred Planning 25/09/17
Was a great class, really informative. Clare explained everything in great detail. Took away a lot. 10/10
— L.H, Personal Assistant in Doncaster, Person-Centred Planning 25/09/17
John delivered a fantastic course. My thoughts and opinions were challenged and I now feel more confident in my role as I’m new to care work
— D.H @ Beechcliffe Ltd, Safeguarding Adults 25/09/17
Enjoyable course, was made fun and interesting. Easy to follow and relevant
— A.P @ Rainbows House, Safeguarding Adults 25/09/17
diabetes awareness training doncaster
Explained well with lots of examples given. Well timed and interesting.
— C.V, carer in Doncaster, Record Keeping & Report Writing 20/09/17
Great session, enjoyed the tasks. Eye opening to see how easily communication can go wrong.
— N.B-B @ DMBC, Record Keeping & Report Writing 20/09/17
This was beneficial to me, it has made sure my prior knowledge is still up to date and I am still fully aware of current problems and concerns relating to all aspects of diabetes
— S.B @ Dr. Anderson Lodge, Diabetes Awareness 18/09/17
dementia and sexuality training rotherham
A nice change of direction in that Annie is open and honest about the subject and doesn’t cover things up
— S.W @ RMBC, Dementia & Sexuality 15/09/17
Had Annie before and really enjoyed her courses, never find them boring as some I go on
— J.M @ Woodlands Care Home, Dementia & Sexuality 15/09/17
Very informative and interesting to learn how to detect different types of abuse and how to handle different circumstances
— K.A @ Rentokil, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness 25/08/17
first aid training worksop sheffield
Fun way of learning so sinks in more and sticks
— Anon @ Newton House Care Home, Emergency First Aid 14/08/17
Informative course. Approachable tutor. Explained changes in guidelines well with respect to what has changed since last training
— C.G @ Newton House Care Home, Emergency First Aid 14/08/17
health and safety training sheffield
John was knowledgeable on the subject. New stuff brought up and enjoyed practical with gloves and aprons
— S.H @ Darnall Grange Sheffield, Infection Prevention and Control 02/08/17
Made each one of us feel at ease. Made the course fun and easily understood
— M.M @ Newton House, Emergency First Aid at Work 07/08/17
Enjoy the course and felt that I could ask questions and was happy that I learnt so much
— Andrea @ Newton House, Emergency First Aid at Work 07/08/17
safeguarding adults rotherham. safeguarding training rotherham feedback
John was very informative and had great knowledge on every subject. I am very pleased with the information and training I have received today
— K.B @ Lotus Home Care. Safeguarding Adults 12/07/17
Very informative and relaxed, worth coming in for
— T.H @ Darnall Grange Sheffield. Fire Safety 07/07/17
caring for stroke survivors training rotherham. stroke training. stroke awareness
Really enjoyed the course, learned a lot about the effects of strokes which will come in handy for my job role
— J.H @ Woodlands Care Home. Caring for Stroke Survivors 05/07/17
Wasn’t bored at all throughout the course, made you want to listen and get involved. Great interaction with all who attended
— H.B @ Horizon Care Roth. Safeguarding Adults 07/06/17
Good course. Explained in a way we could easily understand. The trainer made the course informative
— S.B @ Progress House Roth. Safeguarding Adults 07/06/17
dementia awareness training rotherham feedback
Well delivered course. Lot’s of material and ‘food for thought.’ A difficult subject but lots of positives to take away.
— C.T @ Ferham Clinic RMBC. Intro to Dementia 29/06/17
Very positive and passionate about her training and information
— M.R @ Voyage Care, Intro to Dementia 29/06/17
dementia awareness feedback. delegate satisfaction 100%
Enjoyed the learning and the opportunity to discuss sensitive issues
— D.L @ Treeton Grane. Dementia & Sexuality 23/06/17
Excellent course. A subject that I had not thought about. Very informative
— A.P @ Greasbrough Nursing Home. Dementia & Sexuality 23/06/17
John was very informative, made the course really enjoyable. I learnt a number of things that I didn’t already know about Safeguarding Adults and will now feel more confident to uphold it.
— J.U @ Mulberry Manor. Safeguarding Adults 20/06/17
care certificate training rotherham feedback
Brilliant course, would be delighted to do more with this trainer. Really inspiring, honest and pleasant throughout
— K.R @ Anston Brook. Safeguarding Adults 20/06/17
Good use of examples/experience/stories. Really engaging
— Anon, Safeguarding Adults 20/06/17
safeguarding training doncaster feedback safeguarding adults doncaster
John lead the course professionally, covered sensitive issues in a good approach. Enjoyed the course and will find it helpful in my job role.
— S.C @ Priory Lodge Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults 22/05/17
emergency first aid training sheffield
John was very friendly and approachable, he was happy to discuss anything we asked about
— J.S @ The Floow Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 24/05/17
Very engaging course. I learnt a lot of new things. John was very informative and made the course enjoyable.
— C.A @ The Floow Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 24/05/17
safeguarding adults training doncaster
Good event. Learned a lot of changes since last did a safeguarding training event. Interesting to meet people from other organisations. Shocking video at end really made me think.
— S.M @ Big Ambitions Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults 15/05/17
Lots of emotions felt, a very well delivered course with sincerity. Will take on board all aspects and deliver my care to the best of my ability. Thank you.
— M.R @ DMBC Stirling Resource Hub, Safeguarding Adults 15/05/17
safeguarding adults training doncaster
Found the course very informative and John delivered it well and in a manner that kept me engaged at all times
— N.R @ SIL.2 Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults 15/05/17
John presented very well and put everyone at ease, friendly and listened
— P.E @ Making Space Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults 15/05/17
Value the information about safeguarding and how to complete documentation. The course allowed me to challenge my thoughts about scenarios shared which is important to improve practice
— J.K @ RDASH, Safeguarding Adults 15/05/17
stroke survivors training rotherham
Very informative and delivered in an interesting way. Liked the practical - testing & monitoring blood glucose levels
— A.B @ Adwick hub Doncaster, Diabetes Awareness 08/05/17
The course has been a useful tool to help me in my job role and give me a greater understanding about diabetes
— A.W @ Steps, Mary Woollett Centre, Diabetes Awareness 08/05/17
diabetes training doncaster
Very interactive, interesting and relevant. Made us all think of different surrounding issues for each area being taught. Very engaging course
— H.L @ Rotherham Hospice, Safeguarding Adults 05/05/17
Really enjoyed the course and the activities I participated in kept me interested all the way through
— M.W @ Lockermarsh Residential Home, Record Keeping & Report Writing 03/05/17
Very informative course. Concise, well presented, excellent delivery. Very relaxed and fun which helps learning and keeps it interesting, very relevant.
— A.B @ DMBC Adults & Wellbeing Advice Hub, Record Keeping & Report Writing 03/05/17
safeguarding adults training rotherham
Very informative. Will be very helpful in my role at work
— H.F @ Positive Steps DMBC, Record Keeping & Report Writing 03/05/17
Good explanation of side effects of drugs & how food and drink effects them. Good refresher course.
— L.H @ DMBC, Medications Management 04/05/17
Great communication from presenter. Very knowledgeable
— R.S @ DMBC Positive Step, Medications Management 04/05/17
emergency first aid sheffield
Although the group was very small, John made the course interesting and it was good at the beginning where he encouraged us to give personal background information - it broke the ice and I felt I knew the others a little bit. Very good training session - I will be recommending the course to others
— C.M @ Lynx Care UK, Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 28/04/17
Very good tutor, would highly recommend. He made me feel very welcome and encouraged my learning at all times.
— M.L @ Cairn Home, Sheffield, Care Certificate 25/04/17
Excellent tutor, very informative in a fun manner. Best first aid training! Learned a lot. Thanks.
— Danielle @ Principle Support Ltd, Emergency First Aid 11/4/17
I enjoyed the course very much and the tutor was very good and knowledgeable, informative and helpful. Would love to have him as a course tutor.
— B.B @ Principle Support Ltd, Emergency First Aid 11/4/17
Excellent course, Annie is very passionate and open about dementia, really enjoyed and have a lot more knowledge
— D.S @ Woodlands Care Home, Dementia Awareness 30/3/17
I have done this course many times and really enjoyed this one. Annie was very friendly, the course was very relaxed, I feel I have taken home something from this course
— J.M @ Woodlands Care Home, Dementia Awareness 30/3/17
Excellent. Annie is very passionate about her job and I learned a great deal and cried throughout the day!!! :)
— J.H @ Woodlands Care Home, Dementia Awareness 30/3/17
safeguarding adults rotherham training feedback
John is a great teacher. Talented and empathetic. He made the course enjoyable
— J.M Shared Lives Carer, Safeguarding Adults 24/3/17
I really enjoyed the course, John was helpful friendly and explained everything clearly. Very interesting
— R.B @ Ten Acre Respite Service, Safeguarding Adults 24/3/17
A relevant and interesting presentation with activities that really made you think of how you should act
— C.S @ Sue Ryder Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults 15/3/17
Informative course, plenty of information without being over-burdened
— T.G @ RDASH, Safeguarding Adults 15/3/17
safeguarding adults training feedback doncaster
John was a very knowledgeable trainer, brought everyone into discussions, challenging and applaudingviews/opinions. Very enjoyable
— C.H @ Steps Homecare Team, Safeguarding Adults 14/3/17
Thoroughly engaging trainer knowledgeable around the subject. Made what can be a difficult subject interesting. Provoked reaction and encouraged discussion
— J.S @ RDASH, Safeguarding Adults 14/3/17
I have done this course previously with a different tutor and location. I came in with my feet dragging, thinking I’ve done this already, but I enjoyed it immensely. A different approach from my last safeguarding course, but it worked.
— J.M @ Edgecumbe House (Voyage), Safeguarding Adults 23/3/17
safeguarding feedback march 2017 safeguarding training rotherham
Very good, nice to have training that’s not death by presentation or delivered in a monotone voice. Thank you
— K.C @ The Lodge (Exemplar), Safeguarding Adults 10/3/17
Fantastic course! Allowed group discussions and debates and valued each others opinion
— A.M @ Rush House, Safeguarding Adults 10/3/17
A very interesting course with an enthusiastic person throughout
— L.B @ Steps Residential Care, Safeguarding Adults 8/3/17
I found this course to be informative and covered both communication as well as record & report writing. The training method used was welcoming and interactive which I thought worked very well in getting the information across to the class. Enjoyable and informative trainer & course!
— A.G @ DMBC Reviewing Team, Record Keeping & Report Writing 8/3/17
record keeping report writing training doncaster
Really enjoyed all group work as it helped to practice what’s being taught. Allowed time to discuss some cases which again is good - applying knowledge. Good use of videos
— N.F @ The Star Foundation, Safeguarding Adults 28/02/17
I thought the training was the best safeguarding training I have had so far. I liked that John drew on his own personal experiences and that the format was more of a discussion than lecture
— A.K @ Cloverleaf Advocacy, Safeguarding Adults 22/02/17
John was an amazing instructor, who really helped me understand safeguarding adults and how I can deal with a wide range of situations
— S.J @ Sense Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 22/02/17
Enjoyed the course from start to finish, covered all aspects. Very happy with the interaction. Much better than online
— M.H, Manager @ Progress House, Safeguarding Adults 22/02/17
activities for dementia training rotherham feedback
Diane was really in detail and explained everything well. Found the course interesting and will include todays ideas in my job role. Thank you :)
— S.M, Activities Coordinator, Activities Motivation & Creativity for Dementia 21/02/17
Thoroughly enjoyed todays course. The trainers knowledge and delivery was exceptional. Learner encouragement to join in was good.
— S.L, Lockermarsh, Activities Motivation & Creativity for Dementia 21/02/17
safeguarding adults training rotherham feedback
Really enjoyed the course. Very eye-opening, loved how he challenged us and made us think. Took a lot away from it. Great trainer!
— S.Y, Broom Lane Care Home, Safeguarding Adults 17/02/17
I will put into practice the course training and also give as much information and guidance to other staff as well
— E.D, DMBC Adult Learning Disabilities Team, Record Keeping & Report Writing 13/02/17
Really enjoyed the training style, informal style, very practical, lots of relevant knowledge shared. This course has acted as a refresher and reminded me of the importance of clear communication and record keeping
— G.F, Safeguarding Adults Hub Doncaster, Record Keeping & Report Writing 13/02/17
safeguarding adults training doncaster feedback
In 26 years this has been the best Safeguarding I’ve been on
— S.L, Active Care Homes, Safeguarding Adults Awareness 10/02/17
Very good course very helpful, learned loads of things about the sexual side of dementia. Very good, felt at ease and not afraid to ask any questions of fear of feeling daft
— L.S, Swintong Grange, Dementia & Sexuality 09/02/17
Very comfortable, relaxed environment created. Never felt under pressure to take part any time ie role play. Was able to participate when felt comfortable to do so. Felt all opinions were valued
— W.B, Rush House, Safeguarding Adults Awareness 06/02/17
safeguarding adults doncaster feedback
Fabulous! It’s hard for me to learn but John made it very easy!
— C.A, Scarsdale Grange Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 3/1/17
I enjoyed the course very much, I have wanted to learn first aid for a long time, this built my confidence up
— K.G, Scarsdale Grange Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 3/1/17
Understood and took a lot in, feel confident and trainer is fantastic explaining things in the best way possible
— J.M, Scarsdale Grange Sheffield, Emergency First AId 3/1/17
The course was very informative and practical part helped me to understand theory
— M.Z, Scarsdale Grange Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 3/1/17
safeguarding adults training rotherham
Excellent training session, informative and interesting. Would highly recommend. 10/10!
— J.P, Access Unlimited Sheffield, Emergency First Aid 6/2/17
After attending safeguarding training several times I can honestly say that I was dreading it. John was amazing!!! He was engaging, funny, professional and kept the pace at a good level to keep me engaged. Thank you :)
— K.J, People Plus Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 25/1/17
John always keeps the class in a thinking mood and gets us to give positive comments and feedback. These training skills always keep me thinking and help me to do my job better and better
— C.F, Support Worker, Scope Rotherham. Safeguarding Adults 23/1/17
dementia awareness training sheffield rotherham doncaster
The course was informative, easy to follow and moved along at a good pace so didn’t feel like you were getting bogged down
— S.F, Orchid House Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 20/1/17
Excellent training course. All content relevant. John has excellent experience surrounding the subject covered. I enjoyed the powerpoint and group work. The case studys were all very good and got you thinking. Thank you
— L.H, RDASH, Safeguarding Adults L3 Raising Conerns 18/1/17
Lovely day course, no rushing and at a workable pace, learnt everything I hoped to
— V.M, North Hill Care Home, Emergency First Aid at Work 16/1/17
infection prevention and control training infection control training sheffield rotherham
Well rounded non-judgmental delivery of content, use of a variety of situations and experience to share information
— J.s, Rush House Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 21/12/16
Enjoyed the training, it was made interesting even though a serious subject. Not just been read to from slides. Thanks
— J.M, Clearways RDASH, Safeguarding Adults 21/12/16
safeguarding adults training rotherham sheffield feedback
John was really easy to talk to and to ask questions, he was really good at challenging what people were saying to create a discussion. Was really informative and will be sharing my knowledge. Thank you
— L.F, Waterside Grange Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 13/12/16
I found the content of the course was delivered at an appropriate level, it was informative and interesting and this made me think about my own actions and those of my colleagues etc I also found the experiences shared put the theory in practice which made it more realistic
— E.H, Bluebell Wood, Safeguarding Adults 13/12/16
John puts you at ease and really gets you thinking about your answer which then makes you really think about other possible outcomes or possibilities which is what (in my opinion) a trainer should do
— C.H, Ladyfield House Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 13/12/16
dementia and sexuality training rotherham
An excellent training course which was extremely thought provoking. I will certainly be able to consider the learning taught in practice. The trainer made the course interesting and engaging by her knowledge, experience and style.
— A.J, RMBC Riverside House, Dementia & Sexuality 07/12/16
Informative training given by John. Enjoyed own personal stories that put the training into perspective. Interesting to learn all of the new categories of abuse
— E.M, Riverside Care & Support Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness 07/12/16
safeguarding adults training rotherham
John was amazing. By far the best safeguarding training I have attended! Interesting and interactive kept me engaged the whole day (I usually get bored!) Lots of examples and stories which really helped me to relate to the topics discussed. Would recommend to anyone
— A.W, Bluebell Wood, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 06/12/16
An excellent trainer who brought the subject to life, with real life scenarios and training exercises. John really involved all of the group and challenged my preconceptions of this subject
— J.B, Bluebell Wood Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 06/12/16
Trainer made course enjoyable. Invited conversation, made you think and gave me insight into whats classed as abuse
— B.S, Adwick Resource Hub Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness 01/12/16
medications training doncaster
Very useful and I now have a full understanding of person centred and I can apply this to my future careers
— E.B, Doncaster MIND, Person-Centred Planning & Approaches 23/11/16
Managed to lighten a subject which could be difficult with humour without compromising the seriousness of the subject
— J.M, Rotherham Hospice, Safeguarding Adults 23/11/16
Interaction with trainer and trainee was encouraged and enjoyable
— M.D, Rotherham Hospice, Safeguarding Adults 23/11/16
safeguarding adults training rotherham
Real life stories incorporated into the training made it much more interactive and provoked interesting discussions
— G.P, Clearways Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 28/11/16
John used personal experiences to promote the course. Because he has the life skills he made this incredibly interesting
— A.M, Sense Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults 23/11/16
- Excellent training, good at challenging difference of opinions
- Good at explaining for those that may not understand
— O.C, Anchor Trust Clifton Meadows, Safeguarding Adults 21/11/16
safeguarding adults training doncaster
The course was excellent the trainer provided a lot of knowledge and experience. Really enjoyed the interaction between student and trainer
— N.H, Ashton Court, Safeguarding Adults 18/11/16
When doing the training course he brought good examples and activities that helped the training more in depth. Helped made the information go in and very interactive with everyone. Overall very interesting course
— A.B, Clifton Meadows, Safeguarding Adults 18/11/16
diabetes training doncaster
Clare is an inspiring, knowledgeable teacher. She made the training very enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the videos, scenarios and group discussions
— D.R, Rotherham Hospice, Safeguarding Adults 14/11/16
Enjoyed doing the scenarios and hearing other peoples opinion
— S.S, Rotherham Rise, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 14/11/16
safeguarding adults training doncaster
Excellent course. Fully interactive - keep attention. Best one in 30 years of nursing
— S.E, RDASH, Safeguarding Adults Raising Concerns (level 3) 10/11/16
John is an excellent presenter for this session. He is extremely open, honest and makes it easy to be involved within the session. He has kept us all interested while keeping the session fun but informative
— O.C, RDASH, Safeguarding Adults Raising Concerns (level 3) 10/11/16
safeguarding adults training doncaster
Really good trainer, went through everything in detail, adding own life experiences that were appropriate to topic. Enjoyed this training course, some others can be a bit draining and drag on with other trainers
— K.K, Roses Social Care Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness (level 2) 09/11/16
Interesting and good use of different group activities and videos
— L.B, Rotherham Rise, Safeguarding Adults 09/11/16
This course was booked by my manager as a compulsory course but I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. I will ensure when I return to my workplace that all the staff team will now attend this training but by telling them how rewarding they will find it as well as ensuring our service users (and staff) will be treated with dignity and respect. We ensure everyone is safe but I feel my establishment needs to attend this training. Excellent
— V.S, Hayfield Resource Hub Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness (level 2) 09/11/16
Excellent course. Diane is very knowledgeable in her field and made us feel comfortable to ask questions. Impressed with how much material we came away with i.e. templates, guidance.
— J.L, Rotherham Hospice, Care Certificate Assessor Training 08/11/16
care certificate assessor sheffield rotherham
Fantastic training. Feel as though I can use my knowledge in the work place professionally
— S.W, Rotherham Hospice, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 03/11/16
Really enjoyed the course. I would encourage my friends to attend. Learned so much
— D.P, Rotherham Foundation Trust, Dementia Awareness 01/11/16
Trainer is very knowledgeable and delivers the course in a very interactive and memorable way. Engaged everyone in the group and challenged people in order to make them think about things more in-depth. Excellent training
— R.S, The Glades Care Home, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 28/10/16
safeguarding adults training rotherham
Really enjoyed the course. John was very clear and had some fantastic scenarios. I fully understood everything and enjoyed the course
— K.S, Rother Heights Care Home, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 24/10/16
Course was well presented and every subject explained fully with examples. It has opened my eyes
— A.P, Mulberry Manor Care Home, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 20/10/16
Very informative - trainer had excellent knowledge and experience. Very useful to support my role
— C.H, Sense Rotherham, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 20/10/16
This course was delivered excellently, the course trainer involved everyone in discussions and ensured engagement throughout
— M.W, Voyage Care, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 20/10/16
John delivered this short course in an interesting, enthusiastic manner for what is essentially a dry topic. He used good evidence to back up his examples and displayed good (although not inappropriate) humour. I fully enjoyed the course.
— S.B, Royal Forces Employment Agency, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness (level 2) 17/10/16
safeguarding adults training sheffield
Brilliant training by a passionate, caring and insightful presenter. Very much enjoyed it
— LC, Positive Steps Doncaster, Dementia Awareness 04/10/16
An enjoyable course where the training material was brought to life by examples from the trainer. Up to date info and legislation will be useful to further develop knowledge
— RG, Hesley Group Doncaster, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness 28/09/16
The trainer was excellent at making the course easy to understand and was good at explaining questions and answers. I’ll be going away from this course with a new perspective of my job role, and the confidence I need to meet the standards of my role.
— SH, Ackroyd Clinic, Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern 21/09/16
safeguarding training sheffield rotherham
Extremely interactive and motivating presenter - no dull moments with lot’s of discussions and useful/relevant information to put into daily working practice. Enjoyable/thought provoking
— SR, DMBC, Record Keeping & Report Writing 19/09/16
The trainer clearly knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. The training was fun, interactive and social which made it interesting; time went by quick because of how the trainer facilitated the training. I’ve definitely learned more thanks to the trainer
— CBM, The Star Foundation, Care Certificate 3 day programme 14-16/09/16
Very enjoyable, informative and engaging course. Good mixture between listening and work exercises
— TH, DMBC, Person-Centred Planning 05/09/16
safeguarding training rotherham July 2016
I really enjoyed the training and felt I learnt a lot of new information. I found the practice side really useful
— LB, Principle Support Sheffield, Moving & Handling People 23/08/2016
John opened my eyes to all kinds of the care industry, being new to the care industry, John has given me great knowledge on how I can do my job to the highest standards. The course has given me great confidence going forward
— SD, Greasbrough Nursing Home, Safeguarding Training 14/07/16
I found the trainer to make the course very relaxing. Easy to talk out aloud. (I usually don’t talk in a course) He made you feel at ease. Talked about his personal life which made it real. Wish all courses was as relaxed. (I wasn’t looking at my watch feeling is it time to go yet!!!) Brill teacher
— SH, Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness 07/07/16
Perfect mix of knowledge, experience and entertainment. Challenges in an appropriate way when necessary and truly believes in the content - 8 hours flew by. Thanks!
— FS, Talking Therapies Practitioner, Safeguarding Adults 05/07/16
Trainers method of delivery - fab! Real life examples bring the training to life. Thank you for sharing your experiences
— BK, Dementia (Basic Awareness), 28/06/16
I have been to previous Safeguarding training in the past with other trainers and have not found it to be very relevant or engaging. I have really enjoyed the training today and found the trainer engaging, interesting and the content thought provoking.
— LT, Safeguarding Basic Awareness, 20/06/16
2 courses delivered: Safeguarding Adults Briefing (1.5 hour information session) and Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern (1 day in depth course). 11 sessions delivered, training a total of 204 people.

2 courses delivered: Safeguarding Adults Briefing (1.5 hour information session) and Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern (1 day in depth course). 11 sessions delivered, training a total of 204 people.

Fantastic course, very informative, lot’s of interesting things learnt
— Activities, Motivation & Creativity, LM, 14/06/2016
The trainer was great, she engaged really well with us all and delivered this training in a way we could all understand
— Medications, LB, 08/06/2016
Safeguarding Adults training Rotherham
Fantastic trainer! So much passion and emotion, taken some of Annie’s passion home with me. Brilliant!
— Dementia Awareness, BM, 16/06/2016
Learnt a lot in training, especially how to handle a death while in the workplace which will help a lot if it does happen while at work
— Death, Dying and Bereavement, LS, 06/06/2016
Normally expect Safeguarding to be boring but I have really enjoyed today, presentation delivered brilliantly
— Safeguarding Adults, CT, 15/06/2016
Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern attendee, 22/01/16

Safeguarding Adults: Raising a Concern attendee, 22/01/16

Very informative session, met course aims/objectives identified. Facilitator was very knowledgeable
— Care Certificate Assessor, JM, 03/03/2016
Good course for someone new to care. The tutor is really informative and engaging
— Care Certificate 3 day programme, anon, 22/02/2016
(the course) was very informative and (I) liked that there was interaction throughout. The tutor was very friendly and allowed opinions to be shared and respected
— Safeguarding, KG, 03/02/2016
Very informative and will take me forward confidently in my job role. Enjoyed course due to being kept interested by the tutor
— Effective Communication, TW, 20/01/2016
Felt really comfortable and able to talk with confidence. Information was great and explained really well. Would recommend to colleagues
— Care Certificate, HR, 26/11/15
Dementia and Sexuality (brand new course in 2016). Comment from a member of staff at Woodlands Care Home, Sheffield. Attended 05/01/2016.

Dementia and Sexuality (brand new course in 2016). Comment from a member of staff at Woodlands Care Home, Sheffield. Attended 05/01/2016.

Great refresher and learnt new material from scenarios and current legislation. Approachable and fun instructor which helped to facilitate learning. All current to workplace
— Safeguarding Adults, NH, 11/11/15
Very interactive and productive learning, open for discussion
— Providing Personal Care, anon, 4/11/15
Learned some good new manoeuvres which will make my job less strained
— Moving and Handling People, CA, 24/7/15
Best trainer I’ve ever had. Made me think and reflect. 10/10.
— Dementia Awareness, CF, 10/6/15
care certificate assessor training rotherham
Really enjoyed today’s topic even though I was apprehensive and think it may be boring. (The tutor) made it interesting and useful to my role
— Infection Prevention & Control, SC, 28/5/15
It was a pleasure to come to the course. Will take the information back to work
— Effective Communication, JC, 11/5/15
Very informative, inspiring to help work with individuals with Dementia. Information very useful
— Advanced Dementia, SD, 26/3/15
Enjoyable, informative course - not the boring Powerpoint presentation I was expecting!
— AR, 2/3/15
Safeguarding adults training rotherham
Not what I expected, thought day would be boring and dull but tutor made training interesting and enjoyable. Feel my knowledge has been raised
— PC, 3/3/15
The course was delivered excellently, all information was relevant to our roles. Nice of the tutor to share personal experiences and ensured a good day for everyone!
— AD, 10/3/15
safeguarding adults training rotherham
Learned more about my own stroke from this course than medical staff could tell me.
— Caring for Stroke Victims - Life After Stroke:JP, 3/6/14
Today’s Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults training was so insightful. I felt engaged at all times and really enjoyed all of the group discussions and debates. You could see it really got people thinking and the DVDs shown were very emotional. This should have a great impact on people’s perceptions of their jobs and the service users they work with as people with individual needs and experiences.
— Louise Hutchings Activities Co-ordinator Scarsdale Grange
Well presented training - made it comfortable to ask questions when needed.”
— LR, 29/5/14
First Aid attendee 2014

First Aid attendee 2014

Fantastic information booklet provided to take home and look at any time and very welcoming and warm tutor.”
— GW, 13/5/14
Delivered in detail yet easy to understand, liked the references to real-life situations
— AP, 8/7/14
Level 2 Food Safety attendee 2014

Level 2 Food Safety attendee 2014

A very informative day. I felt I learnt many things I didn’t know that will be useful at work but also in everyday life
— VM, 14/4/14
Had a great educational day and was made to feel like I could ask questions if needed
— DH, 29/4/14
Common Induction Standards attendee 2014

Common Induction Standards attendee 2014

The trainer was knowledgeable and approachable and created an open and supportive learning environment. I really enjoyed the course!
— ES, 9/5/14
Excellent course, well delivered, fun, refreshing, relevant and informative
— SB, 22/5/14